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Nicole is a staff psychotherapist and Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at Move Therapy and Wellness. Nicole has a special interest in the integration of spirituality into therapeutic practice. Nicole views mental health and wellness from a holistic lens, paired with Psychodynamic and mindfulness-based theories. She believes that effective counseling addresses the mind, body, and spirit. While Nicole has a preferred therapeutic modality to work and research from, she knows that each person and their experience in the world is unique and that effective therapy is not one size fits all, rather, it is customized based on individual needs and personal experiences. With Nicole as your therapist, you will explore some of the many elements that may hold you back from living a life that you are truly deserving and worthy of. She believes blending talk therapy and mediation will serve as a powerful foundation for your healing journey ahead. It takes tremendous courage to seek help, and you can assure that your time with Nicole will be honored in a safe space and judgment-free zone. As a culturally competent psychotherapist, Nicole is dedicated and most passionate about treating BIPOC communities, adults and families who are challenged by grief/bereavement, anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma, women-related issues, and life transitions.

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