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You’re sitting at your desk at work, desperately struggling to concentrate. You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career, but you’re still unfulfilled. Your personal life is just as empty. Relationships all seem to fizzle out before they even get started. You know deep down that there must be more to life than this. But the pain of your past hangs like a constant weight around your neck. It drags you down and makes even the slightest progress feel impossible. If only there were some way out of this black hole of loneliness, despair, and defeat. But you’re stuck in place, and finding the strength to change seems hopeless. In our sessions, we’ll use innovative and proven interventions to help you process the emotional stress from your past. Together, we’ll teach you to avoid dissociative thoughts and self-criticism as it arises. You’ll learn to increase awareness by listening to your body, analyzing your dreams, and identifying the negative cognitive themes stuck on repeat. Let’s get you the life you want and have fun doing it! Cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships. Build the rewarding career you’ve always wanted. Heal your past and embrace your future. Finally, realize the aspirations that you’ve been struggling to achieve.

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