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Striving and seeking to inculcate, promote, and provide access to MENTAL HEALTHINESS , wellness, and growth-inducing knowledge and resources for the Black parent, caregiver, every day survivor, and those aspiring to begin their own family. Wellness practices look different for all of us depending upon our financial resources, accessibility to community-based provisions, attitudes toward mental health counseling, and our personal preferences. Even though therapy is a great cathartic tool, some of us, not all, have experienced a wide range of positives and negatives within the context of psychopathology treatment, mental health counseling or psychotherapy, psychiatric or psychotropic medicine, or religious-centered intervention. The most plausible outcome is pursuing a holistic wellness lifestyle that transcends all domains of human life: spiritual, emotional, psychological, behavioral, social, financial, and intrapersonal. Here at EYI, we believe in the practice of IMMERSIVE EMPATHY to build trust with the everyday survivor and work collaboratively in a safe, nonjudgmental, noncommittal environment that focuses solely on YOUR NARRATIVE, YOUR CONCERNS, AND PROBLEMS, YOUR GRACEFUL IMPERFECTIONS (G.I.), AND YOUR READINESS TO BUILD SELF-EFFICACY.

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