James M. Ballard III, Ph.D.

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Are you a performing artist and/or an athlete weighed down by life and its challenges? You know there’s more inside you – music, lyrics, creativity, athletic and rhythmic expression – but your mind is busy or your body physically paused? All-county/-district, all-metro, or all-state athletes can experience social-emotional challenges. Similarly, lyricists or writers can experience creative blocks and singers and dancers cope with performance anxiety. Even bands, groups, and teams can experience interpersonal conflict. I’d like to lend my clinical experience as a psychologist to help you realize the tools necessary to bypass any social-emotional challenges, blocks, anxiety, and/or conflict. I’d like to help you perform at the highest level you desire – no matter the stage. Performing artists and athletes are people too, with unique perspectives and motivations. Mood and anxiety-related issues can cripple creative expression, performance, and productivity. Lets talk about you getting ahead of the challenges.

Mental Health and Wellness Support Provider

Accepted Insurance

Aetna, CareFirst

Weekend and Evening Availability

Offers weekend appointments

States Served

District of Columbia, Maryland



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