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These products described as “powerful” are a combined workbook and journal, called a Growthbook Journal (GBJ) made for Black women, children, and adolescents, and communities of color (men’s version is underway). The GBJ’s include representative images, skills promoting mental wellness, 30 to 50 affirmations developed specifically for these communities, with mindfulness skills, coping skills, and more! HIGHLIGHTS (Sista’s Growthbook Journal) – 50 affirmations with women of color in mind – 10 practical coping skills promoting decreased anxiety, depression, trauma, and effects of life transitions – Guides journaling offering reflection & introspection – Heightened emotional awareness, and more. HIGHLIGHTS (Children’s & Adolescent’s Growthbook Journal) – 30 affirmations to build self-esteem and promote positive self-image – 10 skill building activities to develop social skills & emotional understanding/intelligence – Images representing a diverse group of children & adolescents – Skills: emotional awareness, mindfulness, interpersonal skills, choosing healthy relationships, coping, & more. 💜Purchase your copy at

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