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BREATHE BETTER – LIVE BETTER Are you tired of the Stress – Tired of the Pain – Ready to Heal Ready to Change??? PositivEnergyWorks (P.E.W.) offers a life-changing SOLUTION – Breathology/Breathwork offers the easiest thing you can change that optimizes Spirit, Mind and Body. We breathe to connect culture, health and love. SERVICES PROVIDED FOR ADULTS , ADOLESCENTS, CHILDREN, GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS. IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL. OPTIMUM LIFE BREATHOLOGY (OLB) ™ provides a training system of breath techniques and optimum oxygen transformative practices offered as CERTIFICATIONS and GROUP PRACTICE; TRANSCENDENCE BREATHWORK ™ offers personal transformation of Emotions/Behavior affecting Stress/ Anger management, Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks, Trauma/emotional release, Addiction recovery and Physical healing; RELEARN HOW TO BREATHE ™ offers a personal or group session to optimize our daily breathing, because when we change the fundamental way we breathe, we change our health/wellness and master our life: “POWER OF THE BREATH ™ Presentations/Demos/ BreathShops offers a group interactive, introduction to explore and experience the benefits of daily, optimum breathing; “BLACK LOVE BREATHSHOP” Presentations/Demos/ BreathShops offers a group interactive, introduction to explore and experience the benefits of connection, culture, health to increase self-love as self-care. WHOLISTIC TELEHEALTH offers a personal consultation/evaluation session with a breath adjustment, to access a balanced life through optimum breathing and best lifestyle/health management; DIVERSITY HEALING WORKSHOP/CERTIFICATION titled as “Breath Circles to Heal the Divides” ™ offers Personal/Group training sessions / course which affects relationships, behavior and emotions for diversity healing, inclusion and belonging, using breath techniques and transformative practices to shift unconscious biases; THE RITUAL OF RECONCILIATION ™ offers an interactive, group transformative justice practice using breath techniques, silencing and forgiveness to impact conflict resolution and harmonious relationships;; “IT’S A PLAYSHOP– LAUGH, CONNECT, PLAY, RELAX” ™ offers an interactive group/demo or personal session of Laughter Yoga, as an optimum breathing technique, to experience excellent daily health, relaxation, joy, group team building and harmonious relationships; BREATH/RELAXATION PRODUCTS offered include: Applied Breathology Book/DVD; Relearn How to Breathe DVD, “Power of the Breath” Book for Adults and Children; “Breathe and Stop Smoking Anything” Book; Earth Love Tune Up Crew – 5 Relaxation CD’s to breath by and tune -up; Cultural health and Self-love Books/DVD’s, i.e. Black Love Book”; PositivEnergy Affirmation Pledges for Self-Help; Magnificent Seven Shea Butter and Motherland’s Gold Moringa;

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