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Proof and Puddin: Creative Arts & Art Therapy by Talia provides a comprehensive range of services which are designed to support mental health and well-being through various therapeutic and artistic modalities. As a licensed clinical mental health counselor and board-certified registered art therapist, I offer a diverse array of individual, group, and family sessions, ensuring that all clients can find a service that meets their unique needs. **Psychotherapy and Art Therapy**: These sessions incorporate traditional talk therapy alongside creative art-making processes. Art therapy leverages the power of visual expression to help clients explore and understand their emotions, facilitating healing and personal growth. **Expressive Therapies**: This includes creative writing, songwriting, movement, music, and spoken word poetry. These forms of therapy provide alternative outlets for clients to express their thoughts and feelings, promoting emotional release and self-discovery. **Experiential Arts & Culture Programming Trips**: These trips offer immersive experiences that combine cultural exploration with therapeutic activities incorporating local museums, galleries, various festivals, theater, prompted mindfulness walks, etc. These immersive experiences provide clients with new perspectives and opportunities for personal enrichment and healing through the arts and exposure to cultures. **Wellness Retreats**: Our retreats are designed to offer clients a comprehensive wellness experience, incorporating various therapeutic practices, relaxation techniques, and artistic expressions in a serene environment customized to the client’s needs & desires. **Backstage Artist Wellness Rooms**: These rooms are dedicated spaces for artists to unwind and receive mental health support during events or performances, recognizing the unique stressors associated with creative careers. **Art-Assisted Equine Therapies**: Combining art therapy with equine-assisted activities, this innovative approach leverages the healing power of both animals and artistic expression to support emotional and psychological well-being. **Visual Art-Making Workshops**: As a teaching artist, I provide workshops for organizations, camps, non-profits, and private functions. These workshops encourage participants to engage in the creative process, whether for therapeutic purposes or simply for fun. These workshops include Neo Expressionism, Magazine Collage, Pen & Ink w/ Watercolor, and Mask-Making. **Mobile Services and Current Service Areas**: Our services are mobile, ensuring accessibility to clients across all states. Currently, we serve North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and California, with plans to expand. I accommodate clients aged 3 and older, providing inclusive and culturally competent care. **Accommodations and Cultural Competence**: All services are designed to be trauma-informed and culturally competent, ensuring that clients from diverse backgrounds feel understood and supported. We strive to create safe, welcoming environments for every individual. The goal at Proof & Puddin by Talia is for everyone to experience the therapeutic nature of art-making, whether within a psychotherapy session or through art activities designed purely for enjoyment. By integrating creativity with mental health support, we aim to foster holistic well-being and personal empowerment for all clients.

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